Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Golden Haze

 I'm trying to steer far away from the compulsion of wearing the 'safe' combination of black and grey tones or the neutral browns. Quite evidently I have achieve it! On the weekend my family and I took a short trip to Sydney (post up on that later this week) and this is what I wore on the first day. Looking back I don't think the dark green jeans were a perfect match with the scarf but I packed a little too lightly and had no other warmer options. I was surprised by the amount of comments I had from strangers who were staring at me from afar. I got the occasional 'I love your jumper' from a random sitting on a bench whilst I was walking on the opposite side of the path. Then I had a man come up and ask if he could feel my jumper. I didn't think it would have that much of an effect on people... 

Golden painted knit - Minkpink
Dark green jeans - Ziggy
Peacock scarf - Sportsgirl (It's actually more of a peacock/emerald green although the camera didn't capture its true colours I guess)

Friday, 18 May 2012

Oh so minty

Oh so minty, how fresh do these shoes look? I've always contemplated on whether to get white or navy but heart is set on these mint coloured converse right now!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Painted on

Sprayed on dark red jeans - Zara
Black leather/mesh tee - Topshop
Charcoal fringed jumper - Some days lovin 
Leather lace up buckle boots - All Saints
Scarf - Designer brands sale market

I hesitantly drove into the city yesterday morning to take my mum out for a mother's day breakfast. We went to the South Melbourne Market. I was a first-timer there and I adore the place! Amongst some of the crap in markets there are surprisingly some pretty valuable stuff! I scored there glasses from one of the stalls in SO:ME Space for $30. The brand was called 'Plane clothing' - they have about 3 shops in Melbourne. I loved the area around Cecil St. so much that my next post will be entirely dedicated to it. But I really do recommend this place.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Aussies do it better

After many years of being an avid reader and viewer of fashion blogs such a s the Sartorialist, I have noticed the obvious differences in fashion between Europe, America and Australia. Not being bias or anything... but Aussies do it better. ^ Clearly.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Paco Rabanne SS12

Just came across this unique, not so ordinary designer Paco Rabanne. Definitely become my most coveted line of spring 12 around the world. It's got some serious classy futuristic swag. As you can clearly see theres intricately pieced links which as an ensemble, makes this god of a dress. Some of the outfits look as though they have their own light source or something! I love how it goes from sharp edged metallics to the curvaceous and very hip-y dresses resembling some sort of wave clad on the body. The collection quite clearly gets more extravagant down the line, check out the rest of his collection here.