To whoever cares to read this, I'm Mikhaela and I just wanted to express why and how this blog evolved and why I am now so dedicated and addicted to blogging. 
Over the years I have immensely gained a passion for fashion, culture, travel, lifestyle, food, health and design. It came to mind that there is nothing better to do than start a blog to really get my ideas, opinions and advice out there. I wanted to share my talents with everybody and to some degree be a reference when it comes to getting guidance on where to shop, what to wear, what's new, healthy recipes I invent etc. Not only is this blog for my benefits but more so for yours.
 I have far to many people that inspire me and influence my blog, although I am against people who copy and a stealth with their ideas, I get influenced and modify whatever I see to my personal likings. 
So take a journey with me through my blogging and keep up to witness how this blog evolves hopefully over many years to come. 

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