Sunday, 8 January 2012

'Chin Chin' down the lane

I’ve been hanging out to go to this ‘Chin Chin’ restaurant which seems to be overwhelmingly taking over the culinary business here in Melbourne. The first aspect I fell in love with is that it was positioned in a lane way right in the heart of the city (Flinders La). With it’s modern Asian cuisine anybody is bound to love their dishes. Each dish has powerful, fresh and aromatic flavours and you experience a few parties in your mouth resulting with a bang of chilli, lime and coconut aftertaste. I was also very observant of the interior as per usual and noticed every little detail. I’m a huge fan on the warehouse conversion style places which made my experience that much better. I’m really into the over sized hanging light bulbs which they incorporated into their white-painted-brick venue. 
 Coconut, mint and lime crush
King fish sashimi with chilli, lime and coconut
Beef curry stuffed roti bread with cucumber chutney
Spanner crab and chicken salad with mint, coriander, chilli and lime (My personal favourite)
Caramelized port and prawn scented fried rice with bean sprouts, scrambled eggs and cucumber
Tender beef ribs off the bone with a beautiful spicy, sweet and tangy dresses and a beautiful marinade.
Honeycomb sundae with 3 layers of coconut, honeycomb and lime ice-cream

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