Saturday, 24 March 2012

Rumi for Myer

 More photos to come from event, and pictures with her and I.

Today I was fortunate enough to have the chance of meeting and merely having 'dnm's with Rumi Neely. She is someone I undeniably look up to and have been for a few years now. I have gotten to see her blog Fashiontoast evolve and it has been an experience watching her personal style gradually change and go in a loop. She said some pretty meaningful things at the Myer interview today it the basement - words I will definitely go home with and remember regardless of whether she knew how much they'd have an effect on me. She gave some valuable advice like to never follow trends because your just cloning everyone else. Be unique and prove your sense of style and individuality to the world. I think that people are indenial most of the time about being 'themselves' when honestly I think they're having trouble coping to conform to the liking's of everybody else. Leaving today's appearance I feel more inspired about my blog. 

For those who haven't met Rumi, she is undoubtedly the most down to earth person I have met. She's fun and knows how to be cheesy, if that kind of makes sense? My friends Rebekah, Darlin and I waited around anxiously for her to come back out after her initial appearance and got to have a third talk to her. It was stress free until an anxious big ass body guard booted her out of out convo. The conversation was more friendly and non restrained than 'corporate'. She unhesitantly partook in some selfies and agreed to coming back to Melbourne with Bryan (inward joyous moment). She then agreed to take a look at my blog so Rumi, if you are reading this HEY GIRL! 


  1. that's awesome. makes me love her more. her advice of following trends is great but sometimes it's so hard not to apply that when looking up to her! lol she's really a great inspiration - not just in fashion!

  2. Mikhaela Chiara (such a "pretty & poetic" name) so happy (for ya!) & envious of your wonderful experience, simultaneously. those burly bodyguards would've jus' had to allow me at least a few precious moments more..., haha and, indeed, thanks for sharing your "most wonderful Rumi experience!" :)

    Megan Rose, your comment "...but sometimes it's so hard not to apply that when looking up to her! lol she's really a great inspiration - not just in fashion!", is so full of truly wonderful heartfelt emotion, and i can kinda sense your slight bewilderment.

    however, the answer to your somewhat puzzlement is actually right there in your astute observation & insight. for in sensing, realizing how rumi's "a great inspiration - not just in fashion!", ergo, intrinsically holds the key. as i posit that her truly laudable "vegan lifestyle choice" with its incumbent "personal resolve, fortitude, sense of purpose, & over-arching/underlying beauty & love..." really helps shape & inform magnificently her absolutely amazing "organic, sensational, sense of style!" :)

    speaking of "holding the key...", Rumi, like no(thing) other, seems to e'er inspire me..., to some kind of poetry! i guess, in a wondrous sense she even gave me fuller understanding & insight into the expression/term "muse" -- as it's seemingly somewhat surrealistic as how her posts most-times seem to "inspire, stir 'mus(e)ic' in my very soul & heart!" yes, she jus' seems to have/possess such magic... :)

    so hopefully, i haven't been too long-winded in my response, lol, but am sure being a keen Rumi fan, you can understand... :)

    so in closing, a poem sharing which i feel somewhat addresses your "question?", perhaps somewhat giving insight into Rumi's "inimitable sense of style." :)

    ----------*eyes of love*--------
    take a good look, yes, all around
    and jus' behold, wow, if you will-
    how, with God's, true love in heart
    there is such, this wondrous appeal!

    to even, life's, plain and simple
    and then, you shall have, the key-
    to transforming, yes, all of
    your world
    into this jewel, of blessed, beauty!