Monday, 27 February 2012

Leather and sunshine

If any of you recall or not this was the silk skirt I made not so long ago. Last night was the first outing I had worn it to. We celebrated my Aunties 40th birthday at a Mexican restaurant in woop woop. 1 serving was enough to serve half an African country. I hating seeing all the slop of food going to waste!
Anyways, my watch I'm wearing has a pretty rad story behind it. When I was in NY shopping in my favourite destination... SoHo - We walked into an unappealing shop unassumingly selling old seasons of top designer brands like Chanel, Versace, D&G etc. I scanned through the shop and just thought it was a load of junk. The clothes we hideous and the presentation of the clothes was just disrespectful. When I went to the jewelry counter I saw this one of a kind watch slashed down from its already significantly reduced price from $1000 down to only $100. So I didn't even think twice before buying this. It's a Casio watch designed by the designer of Burberry. You wouldn't recognize they designed it, it's not the quintessential Burberry look at all.

Leather t-shirt with sheer back - Topshop
Yellow silk skirt - Made by me
Black leather bag - All Saints
Wrap around watch - Casio (designed by Burberry)

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Purely coconut yogurt

What better morning refreshment to have on a hot summer's morning. This coconut yogurt is purely made from coconuts meaning all natural and dairy free! Getting the kernels from the pomegranate out was the most difficult and messy job although in the end it was all fulfilling and so worth it. The vivid colours of the fruits against the off white yogurt is such a happy looking combination. Perfect start to the day!

Friday, 24 February 2012

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Colours as flowerful as the sun

I’ve blended a mix of autumn hues to piece together an adorable summer’s outfit. This is my wear of the day. The shorts are just the right height for the cropped long sleeve floral top so I’m not too bare. The wedges match perfectly going along with the beige shorts and the black in the top. I’m just imagining this with stunning vivid red lipstick too! Match made in heaven. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Cloth before it transforms

Tassuti is a hidden fabric store in Flinders lane which has premiere products and fabrics from big name brands such as Missoni, Chanel, D&G and these Zimmerman bather fabrics my sister bought me. I also received a nice printed fabric in dusty hues which I’m going to team up with this coffee coloured lace and evolve the sheet of fabric into so beautiful pyjama shorts. I’m hoping to kick Peter Alexander’s ass.

On another note, I’ve had thorough thoughts and am considering on changing my blog name to simply ‘mikhaelachiara’ I think it is a more memorable and easier name to type into the URL. I also think it’s more classic to just have my name other than a title I may not love so much into the future. 

Monday, 20 February 2012

Helmut Lang Fall '12

For some it's bad news but for me, I'm glad all the Autumn collections are displayed on the runway. Helmut Lang - an Australian born artist and fashion designer - has really gained some high fashion interest in the industry recently and its what we all want for the cooler months. For the Fall '12 collection, he offers a confident collection of strong lined separates, drapped dresses, funnel neck sweaters, power blazers and skinny pants. I've already began my savings box for a knitted top I saw at Green With Envy. 

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mystical silk

New in last week. Story started with me taking a step back and taking a broader perspective of my entire wardrobe to find it was lacking in vibrant colours. Hence why I bought such a colourful and complex patterned shirt. Whilst no knowing how to elaborate this paragraph trying to describe this shirt in any more detail, I noticed how much it reminds me off my grandpa's painting. It also pairs off really nicely with my leather mustard/yellow sling bag from Mimco.

Shirt - Sportsgirl
Jeans - White Suede
Wedge sandals - 2 Baia Vista from ZOMP

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Soothing aromas

Step aside frangipan, lavender and rose - in with the new. These basic floral flavours are fading into the last decade's most-wanted scents. If your anything like me, I'm more enthralled to aromatic flavours using atypical combinations of fruits with plants, vegetables with sugar-smells, woods with herbs - list goes on. I once came across a soy wax candle scented with chamomile and sweet peas; an unheard of pair of scents that unassumingly, had managed to flood a 40 meter-square house quite abundantly. On a day to day basis I regularly like to do my homework overseeing a small flame on these soy wax candles giving off an infusion of smell throughout my room. It relaxes me whilst studiously homeworking and knowing that they're soy wax - rather than chemical-dense wax - gives me a piece of mind that I'm in a safe, non-toxicated room. After my wearying studies, I lather le main in lychee/kiehl's hand cream. Fantastic absorbance subtracted by a greasy aftermath. 

Basil and grape candle - MOR
Ultimate strength hand salve - Kiehl's
Lychee flower hand cream - MOR
Sandalwood and orange peel soy wax candle - BlackMILK candles

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Coco vanilla

It completely crossed my mind, I’d forgotten to present you with my birthday cake I had for my family barbecue at home. I was opting for something completely different and opposing to what my grandmother would prefer. After all, it is her recipe and I have had this amazing vanilla sponge chocolate cream cake ever since my first birthday as tradition – So I guess I really didn’t pay her any homage. Just so you don't assume this cake to be completely irrelevant to my 16th birthday, I did happen to have the numbers 1 and 6 in sparkler candle form to complete the cake whilst they sung 'happy birthday' to me. It is a delicious recipe which explains why we made such a sumptuous cake this year! (all goes too fast) I’m too diligent to give out the recipe so this post may even be slightly pointless or even a tease but I just wanted to prove a point that you can in fact have a cake that is not decorated is such a baroque looking way to impress a Queen or someone such majestic.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Modern boho symmetry

I bought this multicolored symmetric mullet-styled dress back in September 2010, surprisingly enough - they came to Australia late 2011, I got mine on a holiday in Malaysia whilst in Kuala Lumpar. I adore the pattern with the colours which complement the shape of this frock. It reminds me of a modern boho style dress. These shoes I begged for from mum's wardrobe (obviously now mine) which are one of my timeless favourite pairs of Spanish shoes. They're lime timeless clogs, unlike the obese platformed clogs that only ever lasted a season. The worn-2-way necklace my chest is covered in was a gift for my birthday. I'm really into organics and this necklace is oddly enough made from organic materials.

Dress - Warehouse
Organic mustard necklace - The dressing room emporium
Gold rusted, studded heels - Brand came off a while back, they're slightly unassumingly ancient anyway but I do know they are Spanish

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sweet 16

I'm over a week delayed on putting my birthday post up. But after all it's 'better late than never'. Over the duration of my birthday week I had a pretty packed schedual. Had 3 'festive' day/nights which is 3 more than I usually entertain. It sequentially went like this; First day of year 11 schooling then straight to VicRoads where I fortunately received my Learner's Permit, Dinner at 'Mosq' in South Yarra with my family and best friend, dinner with a big group of girls at a warehouse converted restaurant/diner/bar called 'TRUNK' (their food was great) and a massive family barbecue catered for about 40 people at my tiny little rental house on Sunday afternoon. I'm going to have to share all my gifts with you as well I got some pretty swell stuff. But that will be a few post into the future.

"Telling a teenager the facts of life is like giving a fish a bath"

Opening my gifts from mum, dad and Jacinta. Unwraveling my Elna sewing machine covered in draft sheets. Getting my hopes high on winning the lotto. Zimmermann fabrics from Tessuti fabric store on Flinders Ln.

Thrilled to finally claim my Learner's. I managed to successfully drive 2.5 hours in a week with an estimated calculation of having to drive 1 hour per week to make the 120 hour mark by the time I'm 18. 

White sheer patch shirt - General Pants Co.
Blue stretch jean - Gap 1969
Boots - All Saints Spitalfields