Monday, 30 January 2012

Crisp 'n' burn

Last night cooking dinner was in my honors and these chili and lime fries accompanied my main. Unlike any other type of think cut chips you have tasted they are spicy and tangy which quite literally is like a party in your mouth. I didn't fry these whatsoever so they weren't as greasy - instead i baked them (Healthier). If your anything like me you would love the black crisp parts which i don't always know what substance they evolved from which is a worry. 

- 4 purple potatoes
- Large pinch chili
- 2 tbs olive oil
- 3 diced capers (optional)
- 2 tsp balsamic vinegar
- 1 lime
- Half a lemon
- Cut 4 purple potatoes roughly into thick cut chips with the skin is highly recommended
- Soak the raw potatoes in a bowl of boiling water for 3 minutes
- In a small bowl/cup mix together the ingredients for the marinade. Start of with the oil, vinegar and lime & lemon juice. Mix together then add the diced capers and chili. Try the marinade and add more chili if necessary (I used an olive oil and chili mix in a jar which makes the chili more powerful).
- Drain the potatoes and put them back in the bowl to dress them. Add the marinade to the potatoes and coat the potatoes
- Lay the potatoes in a baking tray and let them cook away in the oven at a heat of 180 degrees for about 50 minutes
Add salt if you wish once they're ready but I personally think they have enough flavour. I hope you enjoy these, they're beautiful and soft inside assuming it's from letting them sit in the boiling water for that short spurse of time.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Home sewn

Step to the side Spotlight because Fabricado is my new favourite fabric store. I think it may also be in line with The Fabric Shop on Brunswick St, Fitzroy I hastily went to last week. So anyway, this Fabricado place in a side street (Bond St) off the heart of Chapel St. It’s deficient in a few metre-squares of floor space rather than spacious but I’m thinking that’s what makes their materials look so much more exclusive.   
So I came out with two smallish portions of plush silk fabrics - A canary yellow and a bage/golden colour. They had definition to them and were quite an intricate silk. I've been wanting to get into sewing my personal clothing for a while now so I set out to sew something simple but turns out I chose the most difficult fabric to handle. Why do I always set my aims too high? Next step in operation: Called Judith to the rescue, she's more than experienced with sewing and she taught me a few tricks and tips! End result: This yellow short circle skirt with an elastic band. I either wear it with a smart top and heels or simply Havianas and a tee. 
Next aim: a maxi dress evolved from the golden silk - wish me extensive luck!

Fuscia cropped sleeves top - Zara
Gray knitted tank - Sportsgirl
Cobalt blue strapped pumps - Santini

Friday, 27 January 2012

Hop to Hobart

During our stay in Hobart our abode was a converted warehouse apartment in Sullivan's Cove. Inside was a crisp, fresh white with hints of green in pot plants and miniature courtyards indoors. No matter the weather, being in these apartments instantly felt like walking into summer. Not long after arriving in Hobart we had lunch at a minor fish chippery on the water. I instantaneously saw that the town and it's architecture was very colonial - but go figure that's what it's known for.

Shorts - LF Store
Platform wedges - ZOMP 

The Mona museum is bar far the most intricate and amazing designed one I have ever walked through. Most galleries and museum I usually endure and try to see the excitement in it but this one just blew me away. The only downside was some of the displays really put me off, so much so that I can't even bare to type it out. The Mona gave me a great first impression walking down the spiral staircase with the lift in the center. You start from the bottom of the museum and make your way up. Walking through the convoluted passageways I noticed the detail of lighting and how it was done in such a way to make certain corners glow. The juxtaposition of some rooms was interesting going through a room full of flashing lights, walking through a dark tunnel cave leading to a light then entering a bright room. Yet some things were quite redundant. Highly commended.

First night's dinner outing to Smolt restaurant - Italian and Spanish influenced modern Australian restaurant. Taking the stairs 5 levels down to elude the lift. Duck. Chickpea cubes with sheep yogurt. Monica and Jacinta on our last day's breakfast.
White metal collared shirt - Zara
Golden embroided shorts - Urban Outfitters

We happened to go to Hobart at a fortuitous time. Rarely do they get such beautiful weather. Our view from our balcony was serene and quite evidently picturesque in the mornings. Jacinta having soy soaked oats for breakfast (prepared overnight. Must try! Add some nuts and fruits for flavour)

Bikinis - Zimmerman

Monica and I about to go on a speed boat on pretty rocky seas with beautiful natural untouched views. The ride wasn't all as peaceful as the pictures are perceived to be... pretty damn scary actually. 

Historical tour in port Arthur and a tree...

Pale blue jeans - Nobody
Boat shoes - Windsor smith

Fairy floss skies whilst on a ghost tour through the haunted sections of Hobart. Night view from our balcony. Monica and I dressed for a summer's night out then finding an idyllic photo shoot void in the master bedroom.

Ripped denim shorts - Urban outfitters
Cobalt platforms - Santini
(Other clothes previously seen on blog)

Spent our second last day at the Cadbury factory which was an utter let down before visiting the Cascade brewery which had a cute little Thai-style garden. On our last day we had an antipasto lunch at the Morilla winery at the Mona museum. It was tranquil with views you don't often get to see. I loved the perky touch of the pink fatboys to laze around on outside. 

Warm hued scarf - Tolani (most versatile)
Merky red jeans - NYC Blanc (soft as a blanket)
Brogues - Windsor Smith