Wednesday, 10 October 2012

School'd VCE fashion show

Had such an exciting night last night, it was the first time I have ever showcased any of my designs. Fashion design is one of my chosen VCE subjects this year and last night all the fashion students were lucky enough to have their own made and designed garments presented and modeled to 2 large crowds. Little did we know, there were fashion experts, professionals and several emerging designers in the crowd judging out designs. Soon we will find out who had one the few particular prizes which sound amazing!

For semerster 1 of this year we had a brief to design an outfit made of recyclable materials. I chose to make shorts, a bustier and a neck and shoulder pad piece out of various items from Clark rubber such as seatbelts, vinyl, swimming pool non-slip maps and metallic rope. My second garment had a brief of 'a decade in history' where I chose the Seventies. I designed a scrunched, laid back turtle neck, semi-racerback sleeveless top and matching high waisted shorts.

It was a thrilling night and got a great insight to if I do eventually get to have my very own fashion show, what it would be like.

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