Monday, 30 April 2012

Just an update

Hello! So this is just a random check it. Today I took the day of school and did a day's work experience and a bridal magazine photo shoot. It was such a great experience and I've learnt to appreciate editorials and spreads a whole lot more from my previous behind-the-scenes experiences. When eye meets the photo you don't acknowledge how much effort, dedication and hard work really goes into just 1 picture... lots! Seeing the whole process and development of a fashion shoot from start to finish opens up my mind. I've got some other excited work experience places that I'll be undergoing throughout the year which I'm excited to tell you guys about. 
At the moment I'm just stressing over my VCE fashion garment which is beating out my brains, if all goes well and suave then I'll be uploading pictures of my final product. Now, I better get back to taking a few pics and writing up some production plans then I'm calling it a night. x

Also thought it would be nice to show my inspiration (Italia!) to get through school! Gonna need it...

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