Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Golden Haze

 I'm trying to steer far away from the compulsion of wearing the 'safe' combination of black and grey tones or the neutral browns. Quite evidently I have achieve it! On the weekend my family and I took a short trip to Sydney (post up on that later this week) and this is what I wore on the first day. Looking back I don't think the dark green jeans were a perfect match with the scarf but I packed a little too lightly and had no other warmer options. I was surprised by the amount of comments I had from strangers who were staring at me from afar. I got the occasional 'I love your jumper' from a random sitting on a bench whilst I was walking on the opposite side of the path. Then I had a man come up and ask if he could feel my jumper. I didn't think it would have that much of an effect on people... 

Golden painted knit - Minkpink
Dark green jeans - Ziggy
Peacock scarf - Sportsgirl (It's actually more of a peacock/emerald green although the camera didn't capture its true colours I guess)

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  1. the jumper is fantastic! xx