Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sydney sighting

Last weekend my family and I took a short spontaneous trip to Sydney for the weekend. The hyper-activeness of the spontaneity got the better of my by the plane trip home. I fell asleep as soon as I found my allocated seat then wakened on the walk from the terminal to the taxi and fell asleep again. It was all worth it though. I've been to Sydney once before although our first day was also the first day of the dust storm if any of you remember... so that was a fail! But this time we saw the sights we saw last time with the addition of getting to see the new museum of contemporary art which I love going to in every city we travel to, and the gallery which was currently holding the Archibald 2012 exhibit. We took a ferry to Manly where we strolled along the waterfront then sat down 3 stories high in a hidden burger bar. After a long time waiting I finally got to experience some shopping on Oxford street which turned out to be a nightmare.

The misfortunes of Mikhaela...
I bought shoes, left them in a shop, couldn't find them, luckily found them the next day at another shoe shop where I left them on the floor, got back to the hotel, opened the box, got given the wrong shoes, put them on hold in their Melbourne store, picked them up last night. Argh!

But apart from that it was rad. I want to go back and see all the other markets which sold the best little finds. I'd also love to eat a Momofuku and a few other restaurants in Surry Hills. 

The fashion:
Whenever I go on holidays I get excited for getting to dress up and actually taking the time to look okay, unlike when I'm at home running errands (doing a shit load of homework) where I wear crap all! My favourite is the golden jumper which is my new prized possession!

Burnt orange beanie & Green peacock scarf - Sportsgirl
Golden jumper - Mink Pink
Glasses - SO:ME space South Melbourne
Green Jeans - Neuw Ziggy collection

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  1. You have done all the things I'd love to do in my own city in the space of a couple of days, jealous
    Your gold jumper is amazingggggg