Thursday, 1 March 2012

Cafe Lua

All of us born and bred Melbournians know for a fact that Lygon street isn’t the place or
one of the only places for a good authentic Italian meal. If any outsider came to me for advice id have to say guisseppe arnaldo and sons at crown casino. Now im just rambling further from the main point of this post. On the weekend my family and I went to a café in carlton on the corner of Elgin and Rathdowne street called café lua. This favoured café seems to always be abundant of happy customers with satisfied tummies. On the menu, it had a contemporary flare and they aren’t afraid to get random flavours to ‘get to know eachother’ like the smoothie I ordered which was a combustion of mango, strawberries, basil and almond milk. Admitingly I knew it was going to taste amazing – the last sweet basil experience I had was a basil flavoured ice cream which is probably now my most favoured, unforgettable flavours. For my main I ordered a  spinach salad with hazelnuts, pomegranate, pearl barley, beetroot and goats cheese. I’m not going to reveal the rest of the menu because you’ll just have to go there and snoop it out yourself. Prices are fairly moderate so no need to fuss about that.
They have an enthusiasm for art and culture and promote local art events regularly as well. I think there’s one on this Friday but they’ve got the details there so check it out!

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