Monday, 19 March 2012

Melbourne food and wine festival in retrospect

Round 3 at Chin Chin! Took the parentals here to see what the fuss was about. No look who's bragging. 

The Royal Saxon restaurant on Church st, Richmond. Lovely winery-inspired interior and exterior. We had a lovely classy lunch with squid inced lasagna which was the highlight of the day. Dad devoured one of their pizzas which was also really nice. The only downside was the overdose of salt.

Intriguing meals from the Thai food festival I went to last Sunday at Fed Square. At one stall in particular, they made a fresh paw paw salad with freshly ground flavours and dressing by the order. So many intricate flavours.

I think I'm going to be a tad nostalgic when this Greenhouse by Joost popup restaurant at Southbank is officially gone. It's only on for the 20 days of the food and wine festival and is always abundant with foodies. Their concept in well thought and thorough throughout the entire restaurant. Everything is eco, recycled, reusable and organic - these are the factors that pretty much drew my total attention to it. The place was so packed we weren't able to eat inside with full table service so the only alternative left was to go outside and get things from the bar. We got home made drinks. For example I got a ginger and wattleseed sparking water. It was dry and rich with ginger to sooth the stomach. We also got a pumpkin and goats cheese muffin, and a gluten free almond and orange cupcake.
It was great to know that when I went to the toilet to pee I was contributing to the mustard plants. I felt like quite the philanthropic person. 


  1. makes me a lot more conscious about pee now (which is kind of weird taken out of context). don't know if I can do something about that in a socially acceptable way. that squid lasagna looks magical. magical.

  2. That Greenhouse is a really cool idea, and the food/drinks you got there sound delicious! The Thai rice ball thing (wrapped in lemongrass maybe?) reminds me of breakfasts I had in Thailand... You should check out my travel/food blog