Saturday, 17 March 2012

LMFF 12 in the PM

 Heres a few snaps from the nights I attending with friends during fashion week. On Monday I wore a Topshop combo. I think the peacock colour is pretty eye-catching stuff aye? 
I unexpectedly found a minor view of me and Rebekah on OHJAMIE blog with one of the model's in the foreground which I vaguely remember being shot. This night, I also met one of my favourite model's who has without a doubt the most covetable clothes - Jessica Steing from Tuula Vintage blog. She was one of the many people I have met that hasn't made the meeting with her awkward, and was very approachable and easy to talk to. She also didn't make out like she had to be at a million places at once and didnt have the time to talk to us. 
The night just kept getting better as I met Micah from Raww blog who was fortunately there proud in her front row seats each and every night! I also met her the next night I went and my eyes were contantly gravitating towards her skull (I think?) over-oversized necklace.
Don't worry I still have my backstage photos to come, your not alone I am anxiously waiting for them too... 

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