Sunday, 11 March 2012

LMFF 12 - Day 2 Backstage

Pre rehearsal stage.

 Manipulating leather.

 Digital printing.

 3D printing. 

Outdoor breaks.

 Just a very short peek of whats to come from my backstage photos.

Ended the day with dinner at Stange Wolf underground burger bar on Exhibition St. 

Some of you may have been eagerly anticipating to get the ‘411’ on how Friday went. I honestly had one of the best experiences of my life! I took the whole day off school which probably wasn’t the most wise of my decisions considering I didn’t have any action happening until about 5pm. At 1pm I went directly to my uncle’s office at RMIT where I got a private tour of the photography department and an insight to what life is like for uni students. My knees were anxiously shaking and butterflies were going crazy in my gut, I was nervous for no reason? Maybe the feeling was just a strong punch of excitement? A couple of hours later we left for the Docklands presuming we were attending the preshow rehearsals which unexpectedly got cancelled. At this point I was on the verge of turning every one of my views into negative thoughts and had almost lost all optimism in my day. To slightly make up for this, we went to see the young designer’s display where a handful of the most elite selected graduated students showcased their work. I learnt so much from them, probably even more than I would’ve learnt at school. It was a world full of unheard of and rarely used artistic techniques to construct a range of dynamic, ethereal and comfortable designs. 
PS- It is free to go look at this showcase, so if I were you I’d be racing there ASAP! It’s just behind shed 14 at the Docklands.
Walking amongst the ‘land’ of bloggers and highly educated, beautiful fashion expertise came along Monty Coles. Everyone knows Monty, he is such a nice man who was kind enough to take me backstage! I really had trouble trying to confine my excitement but I did manage, thank god!
All those years of being an avid reader of fashion magazines and religiously watching fashion tv and clips on Youtube, I finally got to be in the action. The photos I took back stage (one which I have taken of Rachel Rutt) are on my Uncle’s camera which are still captured in the memo card of his HD profesh SLR. So they should be up sooner rather than later I hope. Until then, take a look at Monty's blog with his highly professional photographic skills of fashion photography at or check out his other photos for magazines etc at .  


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