Friday, 16 December 2011

Tessellating neon clad

I had been eyeing off this Sass and Bide dress for a while before I eventually got my hands on it, and when I did it was on sale so most definitely worth the wait - even though I would've paid full price for it anyways. What attracted me to the style was the uniqueness spin-off of the currently trending 'mullet style' dresses. I don't like dressing in what everyone else does at the same time in the same way - Biggest turn off - instead I like to take ideas and treat them as the base idea of the outfit. 
The tessellated pattern in electric hues captured the eye and draws attention night or day. 
I spent this night on a dinner boat which my parent's organised for their company's annual Christmas party drifting to and from the Docklands to Williamstown. 

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