Wednesday, 7 December 2011

TOPSHOP Launch Melbourne

The night before, Monica and I carefully planned backwards from 10am this morning. We knew it was going to be an early start to the day but honestly, I am prepared to do anything to attend the TOPSHOP launch and not be there when stock’s at its minimum. After a slow service and poor quality breakfast at a local cafĂ©, we power walked to tram stop 32 and made out way to the Jam Factory. Once we made it there, there were many victims of fashion hanging around the front plus a media crew and security. Making it there 10 minutes after our preferred time (10am) we approached the front of the queue and were in the shop within 5 minutes of anxiously waiting. At first you walk into a montage of glitter and sparkles, glamorous pieces then faded to chic rock items then girly floral frocks and a small section in the rear of the shop for TOPMAN. It was great to be in all the fuss about this launch, everyone was dressed to impressed and just as excited as each other.
Sadly I only walked out with 1 item, the purple scalloped singlet. I walked into the change rooms with 8 items only to realise I forgot to load up my wallet with enough money. There’s always next time…

Our photo booth picture they had going on, unfortunately didn't win the $500 voucher prize!

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