Thursday, 6 September 2012

First 1/2 - MSFW

This week in Melbourne in Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. So this is what is consuming me whilst trying to complete crucial school work which is all due next week before our 3 week September break. Monday night was the night fashion week was meant to hit off, there was supposedly a huge launch festival type event in the city although it was only a matter of driving there in heavy traffic to discover that my 3 friends and I felt like we were the only people there - so we got back in the car are pretty much went back home straight away. Wednesday night made up for it, I went to runway 2 which definitely made up for the unfortunate event on Monday night. My favourite designer of the night was Maurie & Eve who executed neon colour pop very well. 

I was sporting my new MINKPINK golden shorts, black leather TOPSHOP t-shirt and ZOMP heels. 

To cap off my MSFW experience, this Saturday I'll be watching runway 5 which I'm looking forward to. I'm thinking i'll wear my new vintage emerald green blazer, I'll keep you posted! 

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