Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Prospect 360 fashion media seminar

Last night I signed up for a seminar at the well-known Whitehouse institute of design - where there was a panel of 5 much respected women in the corporate fashion world. I sign up to these things primarily for motivation in what I most love to do and for my passion with design and fashion and it definitely motivated and inspired me to go further and keep persisting. On the panel was the Melbourne fashion blogger Phoebe Montague from the blog 'Lady Melbourne', Kate Gaskin who was a freelance stylist, Kim Wilson who was a fashion journalist for the daily age and Sarah Gale who was a publicist at AMPR public relations company. Each person told their stories which was great to hear from people of all walks of life because it reassured me that not everything comes so easy at all and what you think you may be doing in 10 years is most likely completely different to what you will actually be persuing or working as. I recommend anyone who aspires to be in a certain fashion, art, design or media profession to attent one of Prospect 360's seminars because it is highly valuable. 

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