Sunday, 23 September 2012

Memories via iCam

So, this is how I document my year with my iPhone..

Gold painted jumper & cherry lips
Vic markets amazing gluten free black rice & pumpkin pizza base
Burnt orange beanie & long hair
T2 has perfected ice tea
Cru cafe in Kews heavenly 'feelings of pho' juice
Evil Twin transparent metallic dress
Designated bar tenders
Golden delight
Wax face
Fonda Mexican restaurant, Richmond
Miniature blood limes
Berry pretty leaves
Amethyst stone necklace
Driving on Father's day
Tacos at Mission Mexican festival - Fed Square
Chapel St cheap street sushi (brown rice and egg wrapped)
Silver jeans & steel cap heels
Royal green silk skirt
Flowers of a kind
Bread baking
Omlette my style
Purple carrots

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