Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Amaranth stuffed capsicum

Once again, this is a recipe suitable for people who eat gluten/dairy free and for those who are vegan. In case you're not fond of 'amaranth' it is an ancient grain which looks like tiny little balls which expand once boiled. They are rich in nutrients and a great alternative to wheat-based products. Your best bet is to find it in the health isle of your supermarket or local health food store. Please be aware that I'm hopeless when it comes to inventing my recipes and taking the measurements I use into account, so you may have to fiddle with that again!
- Capsicum (red, orange, yellow or green)
- Amaranth/Quinoa (as much as required to suit how many people your cooking for and how full you stuff the capsicum)
- Zucchini
- Celery
- Mushrooms
- Carrots
- Any other vegetable (peas and corn go well)
- Tamari - A gluten free organic soy sauce
- Bottled tomato cooking sauce
- Oil and seasoning to taste
- Bring water to the boil and cook the amaranth/quinoa using ratio 1 cup of water to 1 cup amaranth. It takes about 15 minutes to cook (read the packet for exact cooking time).  You may use the leaves off the celery when you boil the grains for flavouring.
- Dice chosen vegetables finely and sear them in a pan with water, tamari and tomato sauce. Once the water has evaporated turn off. (don't flood the pan)
- Slice the top part of the capsicum off so it makes a lid. Drizzle the capsicum with oil and bake for 5-10 minutes at 180 ͦ .
- Once the amaranth/quinoa and vegetables have cooked, mix them together in a bowl then take out the capsicums and stuff them.
- Place the capsicum lid on and make for another 5 or so minutes to your liking. 

Hope the recipe all goes well!

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