Sunday, 29 January 2012

Home sewn

Step to the side Spotlight because Fabricado is my new favourite fabric store. I think it may also be in line with The Fabric Shop on Brunswick St, Fitzroy I hastily went to last week. So anyway, this Fabricado place in a side street (Bond St) off the heart of Chapel St. It’s deficient in a few metre-squares of floor space rather than spacious but I’m thinking that’s what makes their materials look so much more exclusive.   
So I came out with two smallish portions of plush silk fabrics - A canary yellow and a bage/golden colour. They had definition to them and were quite an intricate silk. I've been wanting to get into sewing my personal clothing for a while now so I set out to sew something simple but turns out I chose the most difficult fabric to handle. Why do I always set my aims too high? Next step in operation: Called Judith to the rescue, she's more than experienced with sewing and she taught me a few tricks and tips! End result: This yellow short circle skirt with an elastic band. I either wear it with a smart top and heels or simply Havianas and a tee. 
Next aim: a maxi dress evolved from the golden silk - wish me extensive luck!

Fuscia cropped sleeves top - Zara
Gray knitted tank - Sportsgirl
Cobalt blue strapped pumps - Santini

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