Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bircher brown rice pudding

Is there even any point me telling you how many commonly intolerant and avoided ingredients this recipe is free from? According to my previous recipes you should know by now I base my recipes on gluten, dairy and meat free customs. After religiously watching 'Good Chef, Bad Chef' every day I've been inspired. Seeing Gary's version of a classic rice pudding I could envisage my cholesterol rising. So I put my skills to the test and by using my skills with food and science I managed to make an almost sickly sweet, creamy, aromatic brown rice pudding.

- 1 cup brown rice (Should serve about 4)
- Rice milk (Can also use soy, almond or oat milk)
- 1 heaped table spoon coconut oil paste
- 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
- Half an apple grated
- Handful of dried fruit
- Handful of seeds or crushed nuts
- Boil the rice in water and vanilla essence until it's almost done, then once the water has evaporated simmer the rice in the milk and dried fruit and grated apple (add as much or as little milk as you like depending how creamy/thick/runny you like it) Keep topping up when evaporated
- Give it about 5-10 minutes simmering time and as Janella says 'Let the flavours get to know each other'. Then add in the heaped dollop of coconut oil spread and nuts. 
- Cook until the texture is creamy enough and taste. If the pudding isn't think enough add some more coconut oil spread or milk and let it evaporate a little. 
- Turn the heat off and it's ready for devouring!
- Put it in the fridge to cool after cooking. Have it the next morning for breakfast - If it's too thick add a little milk or you could simply have it sticky and thick if that's the way you like it.
- On top of vanilla or coconut ice-cream. I recently found a soy based vanilla ice-cream I'm loving and a pure coconut ice-cream purely made from coconut.

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