Monday, 13 February 2012

Modern boho symmetry

I bought this multicolored symmetric mullet-styled dress back in September 2010, surprisingly enough - they came to Australia late 2011, I got mine on a holiday in Malaysia whilst in Kuala Lumpar. I adore the pattern with the colours which complement the shape of this frock. It reminds me of a modern boho style dress. These shoes I begged for from mum's wardrobe (obviously now mine) which are one of my timeless favourite pairs of Spanish shoes. They're lime timeless clogs, unlike the obese platformed clogs that only ever lasted a season. The worn-2-way necklace my chest is covered in was a gift for my birthday. I'm really into organics and this necklace is oddly enough made from organic materials.

Dress - Warehouse
Organic mustard necklace - The dressing room emporium
Gold rusted, studded heels - Brand came off a while back, they're slightly unassumingly ancient anyway but I do know they are Spanish

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