Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Coco vanilla

It completely crossed my mind, I’d forgotten to present you with my birthday cake I had for my family barbecue at home. I was opting for something completely different and opposing to what my grandmother would prefer. After all, it is her recipe and I have had this amazing vanilla sponge chocolate cream cake ever since my first birthday as tradition – So I guess I really didn’t pay her any homage. Just so you don't assume this cake to be completely irrelevant to my 16th birthday, I did happen to have the numbers 1 and 6 in sparkler candle form to complete the cake whilst they sung 'happy birthday' to me. It is a delicious recipe which explains why we made such a sumptuous cake this year! (all goes too fast) I’m too diligent to give out the recipe so this post may even be slightly pointless or even a tease but I just wanted to prove a point that you can in fact have a cake that is not decorated is such a baroque looking way to impress a Queen or someone such majestic.

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