Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Abbotsford convent night market

The Abbotsford convent Friday night market is a fairly quaint festivity. Substantially pervaded with indies and want-to-be indies except for the few others, like me. It was nice to experience a less peaking market like this than the usual Victoria night market I go to on Wednesday nights during the summer. It's a place where evolving pioneers showcase and sell their work cheaply because they can possibly get greatly recognized and sell the cute little $1.50 cupcake I once bought, for big bucks. Branded. 

We were welcomed by food of all nations of course. Crispy salt and pepper squid and authentic paella were passing along their aromatic smells throughout the areas. The one thing I found pleasurable about this market was the presentation of the food. Other than the usual slap and chuck of food onto plastic shitty plates they're were presently beautifully with an array of herbs and thoughtfully presented food.

Ever seen a 'Biccie Burger'? mmmmm.

Without thinking twice, mum and I walked straight to this stall to inspect these lamps. A lady from Spain who just recently moved to Melbourne to get a better viewing of her products was selling lamps, badges and all sorts of things she has made alone. I bought a different version of this lamp. It is made from new and vintage tapes connected by plastic rings. I was automatically allured to this piece of art - I would call it rather than lamp - and did nothing other than buy it with no doubts. 

LOL. Not too sure about this band's success.

Gotta love some fresh, home made, organic dukkah for some tukka!

I have a huge obsession with teas. Mainly because I am fascinated by how a herb/plant/leaf (whatever you may call it) can be diluted into a cup of boiling water and have such great beneficial effects on somebody. This tea stall had the most sumptuous spectrum of teas (medicinal and flavoursome) I have seen. 

This was totally unheard of to me. It never even clicked to me that soap could come from nuts!  This is the closest you will ever get to the most pure soap on the market. In can also clean the laundry. Am I the only one finding it completely astounding?

Admittingly I stopped and stared at these delicate blue glass beads. I don't necessarily like the combination of beads on the necklace of it's style but these blue beads, oh my. 
This isn't exactly a statement that is needed to be on here, but at this time of the night there was a swarm of bats flying over the market as day turned to night. This is when we left - I'm not a bat fan and the being outside in the dark doesn't need anymore spook.

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  1. I'm sure you'll get people interested in visiting this market.Such a good review.