Thursday, 16 February 2012

Soothing aromas

Step aside frangipan, lavender and rose - in with the new. These basic floral flavours are fading into the last decade's most-wanted scents. If your anything like me, I'm more enthralled to aromatic flavours using atypical combinations of fruits with plants, vegetables with sugar-smells, woods with herbs - list goes on. I once came across a soy wax candle scented with chamomile and sweet peas; an unheard of pair of scents that unassumingly, had managed to flood a 40 meter-square house quite abundantly. On a day to day basis I regularly like to do my homework overseeing a small flame on these soy wax candles giving off an infusion of smell throughout my room. It relaxes me whilst studiously homeworking and knowing that they're soy wax - rather than chemical-dense wax - gives me a piece of mind that I'm in a safe, non-toxicated room. After my wearying studies, I lather le main in lychee/kiehl's hand cream. Fantastic absorbance subtracted by a greasy aftermath. 

Basil and grape candle - MOR
Ultimate strength hand salve - Kiehl's
Lychee flower hand cream - MOR
Sandalwood and orange peel soy wax candle - BlackMILK candles

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