Saturday, 19 November 2011

Amateur chef

Mid last week I was really in for a break from hardcore exam studying. My favourite past time hobby is cooking, I love experimenting and trying out new things. Since I'm into healthy foods and since coming back from LA - raw foods, I decided to invent my own dessert. If your somebody who's not into the richness of sweets but likes something just sweet enough to please the palette & for those of you who don't eat or have allergies to dairy, sugar, egg, and gluten this is great. It's also 100% raw and loaded with nutrients! 

Tofu and mixed nut slice. 
It was a very experimental thing and I made it up as I went, it's the only way I know how to cook. 
I'll try and give you the basis of the recipe but I can't assure it will turn out the same considering I wasn't taking any measurements, so you may have to do a little altering. 
1/3 block tofu (about 120g), Tbsp agave, 2 Tbsp almond spread, small hand full pumpkin seeds,
1/2 cup almond meal, 1 Tbsp unhulled Tahini and walnut oil if nessesary. 
-Combine the almond meal, tahini, pumpkin seeds and half the agave into a blender. Add more or less agave to desired taste. Blend ingredients well, if mixture is too crumbly, add some walnut oil or extra tahini. 
-Press mixture down into a flat contanier/ceramic tray, cool in the fridge. 
-To make the tofu crean  blend together the rest of the ingredients. Again, you may have to give or take a few measurements until your instinct tells you the texture is right. It shouldn't be runny nore chunky. 
-Spread a thick later of the tofu cream over the almond meal layer and cool back it the frdge until it sets. 
Bon Apetit! 
If your allergic to any nuts in particular, you can always alter the nuts and seeds from almond butter to peanut, walnut or cashew butter and change the sunflower seeds to walnuts or any other seeds.
If anybody decides to make this treat, let me know how it goes. If it's a flop I'll help you out with what to do.  

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