Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Culinary Capital

Just a few photos I selected from my time in San Francisco. It's seems like I was there forever ago when it was just 2 months ago. I loved SF, it was the culinary capital of the US but still didn't meet the standards of Melbourne. It also had some great shops and boutiques and everything was built quite neatly and organised. We stayed in Union Square which was in the heart of the city, though we couldn't miss out on seeing the famous and to my opinion overrated 'Pier 39'. I'm the kind of person who likes to go on holidays and live it up like the locals not the tourists who get pleasure out of seeing tacky souvenir shops and unlicensed street performers. The one thing I regret not seeing was Alcatraz - which was where all the prisoners were on an island with a view from the piers. Did I forget to mention how hyped I was when I saw all these foreign flavoured chewing gums?

As I previously mentioned about San Fran being the culinary capital, these are some photos of the types of food we had, mind you we had some great restaurant meals although the pictures didn't work out as well because when you get a dark-gloomy room and a non-functioning camera it doesn't go so well.  The cinnamon tea was from our hotel's breakfast restaurant, I had it on a regular basis - ever since I tried it I can't seem to have enough of it and I have failed to find it back home which is seriously depressing. The bundle of what looks like junk is from a novelty shop on the island Sausilito at the other end of the golden gate bridge. I have yet to try any of these but I'll let you know how they go when I do. Two of the things you must try are the sourdough bowl clam chowder from Boudin Bakery and the European deli A.G Ferrago Foods. This large european deli make the finest of salads, pastas, fresh breads a decadent cheeses. We bought a collection of things and took it to the park for a cute little picnic on a beautiful sunny day. I also highly reccommend people go to SF primarily for the art galleries and museums. From Picasso to Dali to names un-heard of it is definitely worth your while. I found my favourite pieces of artwork here and I'm not normally the one who fancies these things. 

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