Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Lala land

 Of all the places I got to see whilst in the states Los Angeles was pretty up there. I loved the relaxed feel to it and it completely suited my likes and personality. I love the beach, city, fashion and I'm starting to love learning about and adapting to a healthy lifestyle which LA is pretty much all about. LA has a great vibe and gets you in a chirpy mood. As the sun sets every night and the skies turn to a watermelon pink your bound to be on the happy side. I dont understand how this place has the most amazing sky I have ever seen. I still find it amazing how different places have different skies depending where you are in the world.
My recommendations for LA would have to be;
Check out Venice and Santa Monica beach, they have top shops and boutiques which a few of my favourites were Planet Earth, Anthropologie, LF stores which is also on Roberton Avenue the more high priced shopping destination and plenty more shops to check out. There are more spiritual shops out in Santa Monica especially on Main street. You've especially gotta see the Walt Disney concert hall building designed by Frank Geary in Downtown LA it reminds me of a shrunken Sydney Opera House with more of a modern edge. 

 I was really hanging out to eat at one of LA's famous raw food eateries. This evolution of raw vegan diets has really taken over LA and since coming back to Australian they are now adjusting to the diet too. I really agree with this diet, it makes complete sense that raw foods are better, they don't loose there nutrients therefore you absorb more good-for-you essential vitamins therefore you live longer, stay healthier, look younger etc. So to sum this raw food thing up, it was a thousand times better than I thought and I expected it to be pretty good anyways. I got the 'raw burger' which was dehydrates sesame seed crisps filled with 'hummus', a pattie and fresh greens. It was so fulfilling and you felt rejuvenated right after the meal. I picked up a raw 'infinity greens' bar too it was just as good as my meal. 
Another place to check out for breakfast especially is the chain cafe 'Le Pain Quotidien', it has a french out take and beautiful gourmet breads and pastries. I got oatmeal with almond milk, flaxseed oil, chia seens and berries. The perfect breakfast. 
The picture of the abstract/mutated lemon is from the farmers market which is another must see. They have all sorts of unusual fruits and veggies and all organically grown too.  

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