Tuesday, 8 November 2011

New York! New York!

 I dream of the day that I'll move to New York and miraculously get granted my dream job and live one of those happily ever afters. But only can I hope for the best. I have been wishing to go to New York ever since I can remember and seeing it and standing right there in the middle of all the action was where I have always wanted to be. It really is the city that never sleeps. I love it because its so heavily enthusiastic about fashion, culture, food, work hard - play hard, you name it NY has it all. 
These pictures were just a very few from the thousands of photos I had snapped of the city. We pretty much went everywhere. I loves the underground Moroccan restaurant which was the cheapest yet the best quality food we had there. Another one of my favourite restaurants was TAO, recommended by Kim Kirdashian. It was an experiece with body guards at every corner yet the lighting was so dim who knows who was on the table next to you. 
And did i forget to mention to architecture and interiors? Mind blowing, it really inspired me and motivated me to do what I love. 

 Central park was the ideal get away for the locals to rewind from their hectic scheduals and just kick back and maybe... see a squirrel? Coming from Australian was a population of zero squirrels I was so blown away when I saw one, they're adorable and aren't afraid of people looking. The park had a few interesting things to offer food wise like this basil and black pepper flavoured ice-cream. Believe it or not it was the best ice-cream flavour I have ever had. Don't forget to check these things out when you're in central park its next to a Turkish Taco van which was pretty interesting too.

 New York is the prime place to go for food - it is the best culinary city of the world. It has all the variety you can think of. Since I am a born and raised Melbourniam, I am quite fond of cultural food. Especially my family above all, we like to try a different cuisine each time we go out for dinner.  We love to taste the world and one thing we were pretty excited about in NY was the food. It met our standards which is hard to please and it did it well! Of corse the mexican food was great and the one that we went to in particular was really worth your while going to. It was very interactive and they made fresh guacamole at your table with highly trained guacamole makers. They really blew our minds with the speed of their hands going a thousand miles an hour. They also had a mexican playing instruments singing songs strolling around the restaurant which was entertaining. Another place I recomment is Russ & Daughters Delicatessen. It is the prime deli you must go to. Located somewhere in SoHo where you wouldn't expect there to be the best bagels in town. With a variety of 13 types of smoked salmon and countless variations of cream cheese your bound to find something to please the palette. A few doors down is Katz's Deli 'where Harry met Sally' selling the 'ol famous ruben. I didn't like it so much but for the men, i.thin.so. A few other snap shots were of the central station market selling beautiful bakery goods, delicious cured meats, fresh deli salads, something on the sweet side and petit vegetables. Another must-go-place.

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