Saturday, 26 November 2011

What I'm reading right now

It was only 2 months ago that the new magazine ‘Just Be’ hit the shelves. It’s a magazine about fragrance, lifestyle and fashion. So pretty much 3 of the things I love combined. The layout it neat and pristine, printed out with only the crucial pictures and texts on the page, none of the off-putting junk they print out on trashy magazines. I was intrigues by Miranda Kerr, she resembles health in the best way possible and this month they have done a 2 page spread on her. I think I’m going to have to subscribe to this magazine now! ‘Oyster’ magazine is another monthly magazine I’ve been getting for a while. It’s more artistic, abstract and cultural. I’m not usually the one to purchase ‘Bazaar’s’ latest although Montana Cox (winner from Australia’s next top model) was features on the cover and throughout the magazine so I had to get it regardless. She has the look of a girl-next-door and simultaneously has quite distinctive features that really bumped up her chances of winning. 

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