Sunday, 27 November 2011

Never have I experienced such diverse shopping in Melbourne

I've never really appreciated what Melbourne has to offer. When I say I go to the city nearly each and every weekend - I mean it. Yet every time I never realized how diverse this city is. As you grow older you learn to recognize the more detailed features of the city like the architecture, multiculturalism, how things run and the diversity in shops. On the weekend I went shopping at Melbourne Central, I hadn't been in a while because I was totally shopped-out when I came back from overseas. Returning here was a big surprise, there were all new shops through out, and a limited time market in the middle of the mall selling vintage goods. Cheap thrills!

'The Super Cool' is the most unique shop concept I've seen so far. It's open with no walls, all its items presented on the synthetic grass floor stacked up in neat piles and presented like you were in a garage sale of some sort. They sell amazing home ornaments which some look like items found in hard-junk yards then revamped. Some other stores sold things like the famous 'Dali' clock which pretty much resembles a melting clock. If my wallet wasn't so empty I would have loved to take some of these home with me.
Credit to Rebekah for taking some of the amazing shots aswell. 

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