Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Minimal essentials

These 6 products are my 6 minimal essentials in my bathroom right now. I've tried out many different products over the years and I have come to a new conclusion. I am slowly assimilating to more natural products after experiencing my worst complexion from 'Proactiv'. I must admit that it does the job but the chemicals don't do you any justice. You end up with a bleached face and your used-to-be-healthy skin becomes prone and addicted to the chemicals. You could almost say it's a drug for you skin. So I've made the change to 'Jurlique' for my cleansers, creams, masks and mist. 
Balancing day care cream, purifying cleaner & rosewater balancing mist all from Jurlique. (Purchase Jurlique at any Jurlique stores, Myer, David Jones and now selling at certain pharmacies)
The other 3 of my favourite products in the first image is;
Moroccan hair oil - from selected hair salons
LANCOME tinted facial moisturizer with SPF 15+ ($60)
M.A.C pre make-up lubricant
these products do the job anyday. They leave your face feeling fresh and rejuvenated and your hair lush and softer than a baby's bottom. I use the Moroccan hair oil in damp hair after showers and sleep with it in over night and you wake up with a new set of hair. I use the Lancome tinted moisturizer daily to school and it has sun protection which will help prevent wrinkles and blemishes in years to come. And the MAC lubricant is amazing, it helps apply any make-up and doesn't leave your skin feeling stiff with layers of make-up. 

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